About Akhil: 

University of Texas at Dallas Alum, Systems Analyst by profession who is inclined towards Business and Technology. Discovering innovative ideas and thoughts focusing on Systems Analysis, Business Process Modeling and startup businesses.

Enjoys globetrotting, blogging, backpacking, biking, and being outdoors. The swashbuckler redefining craziness and on the lookout for doing different things differently. I capture traveling, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities on my traveling website: www.TheSwashbucklers.net.

My Background: 

I firmly believe in the saying ‘When you want to get something in life the entire universe conspires you to get that’. I consider myself quite fortunate to be born in a family, which encourages being a morally responsible person. My family encouraged me to establish and achieve specific goals in life. I attribute my strong foundation and my values to my family and friends.

I grew up in Sagar (M.P.), India and started my studies at St. Joseph’s Convent Sagar. After 16 years my family moved to Ujjain (M.P.), India when I was in class 11th. This year was a provoking year as I cleared State Level Mathematics Olympiad and appeared in National Mathematics Olympiad ( rank among top 30 out of 20,000 students), sponsored by Government of India.

This interest provoked me to opt for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and after my High School I went to Solapur (MH), India for my under graduation. I opted for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur. During that time, I present 6 papers at National Level, India focused on Internet Security (IPSec).

After my under graduation I moved to Pune (MH), India to start my professional career at HSBC Global Technology. My real motivation behind pursuing a degree in management was my work experience as a Software Configuration Manager at HSBC Global Technology India.

After 1.5 years I resigned HSBC and came to pursue my Masters in Information Technology & Management from The University of Texas at Dallas. Being a graduate student of Information Technology & Management seems to be an endless journey of discovery and knowledge, revealing the infinite possibilities that a business concept can give shape to. I successfully graduated in December 2009 from UT Dallas.

I ran a Micro-ISV (factoradics) focusing on web development and social media consulting for small business and startups. My blogs talk about emerging social platforms, social media services, startup success and entrepreneurs. You can find me on almost all the social networking portals and can get in touch with me. I think that social network helps people with developing their ideas & thoughts and enable them to share it on one platform. You can connect me thru “1 degree of Social Network” in a step or indeed a degree.

There are two kinds of people in the world..
Those who fade – and those who last..
Those who think about doing – and those who are game for doing..
Those who steal your idea – and those who are brimming w/ innovative ideas & thoughts..
Those who read 6 degrees of separation – and those who make you think about 1 degree of Social Network..
I believe, I belong to the latter kind..