SEO basics

This post discusses about search engine ranking for the pages and some simple ways to improve ranking on google.

Few basic points to keep in mind:

  • TITLE Element:
    Make sure that the TITLE Element is relevant to the content on the page. Page title elements are normally 60-80 characters maximum in length.
  • META description Tag:
    The META description tag usually consists of no more than 160 to 180 characters total . The META description also shows up in many search engine results as a summary of your site.
  • META Keywords Tag:
    Try to limit keywords to 15 to 20 words if possible. Make sure your META Keywords Tag is relevant to the content on your page.
  • Heading Tags: At least one heading tag should appear at the top of your page and be well written using prime keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Alt Attribute: Alternative text values should not exceed 80 characters in length. Make sure your Alt Attribute is relevant to the content for that image.
  • Hyperlinked Text: Keep in mind that the text in the image cannot be indexed by the spiders.
  • Content: Content should be written in a way that grabs the users attention, while utilizing your targeted keywords and keyword phrases.
  • File Naming: Instead of naming your file filename.html, you would name it page-name.html. Always use hyphens (-) to separate the words in your file names, use all lower case for file naming, this includes images too.