Hero Rush Obstacle Race

Hero Rush- Tough, Crazy, Fear-Facing Fun
4-5 miles with 17+ obstacles created by firefighters
April 6th 2013
After finishing 1/2 marathon on 24th March; Me, Shishir and Prashant registered for fear facing fun- Hero Rush Obstacle Race. And then we started spreading the word and I  can’t believe that 13 swashbucklers registered for it and we named the team as The Swashbucklers.
The Day was really beautiful which started with the dragon boat practice early morning. Early morning I was at White Rock Lake for rowing practice and Aaron told me that he is also participating the the hero rush. After 90 min of rowing practice in the high tide he was full of enthusiasm to participate in the race which made me more energetic on that day 😀
Coming back to the race. We started the race at 1PM. The race started with Dispatch Descent. Heroes  have to climb to the platform and whoosh down the fire pole. Then you have to run for around 10-15 minutes  before to hit another obstacle. Few other obstacles on the way were Forcible Fury, Entanglement, muddy river, small mud hills, Crowd Control.
Stretching The Line was a good obstacle where  you need to get the hose within range of the blaze. One have to grab the tire and run which require energy to  pull the heavy tire.
Another obstacle which demonstrate your team work was Stretcher Evac. Hero rush describe this obstacle as-  When a victim requires urgent medical care,  you’ve got to transport them as quickly and safely as possible. But getting them onto the stretcher might just be step one- sometimes you encounter a slew  of obstacles in your path.
I enjoyed Towering Inferno where you have to climb over the dark, slippery stairwell. I call it as a beer tower too.. lol.. Once you climb that slippery  stairwell with water coming over you have to slide down. Its like a water slide at hurricane harbor waterpark.
Another obstacle I came through was Entanglement which is something similar to trapped collapsed stairs. One of the most exciting experience was Basement  Entrapped where you have to pull yourself to reach the top which require your arm strength and encounters body weight. Once you reach the top you have to  grab the hose and climb to safety. It was a balancing act.
Mud race obstacle included mud pits, mud-covered hills, mud bogs. One of the mud pit was to bury your toe shoesIt was hard to get your shoe off that mud pit but it was fun in itself.
Few other obstacles I think were to cool you down.. phew.. like HazMat Zone where you have to jump over the gel water . Another one was Foam Adventure where you get little sloppy followed by nozzles firing water at Bystander Blast obstacle.
Mazed & Confused which forces you into a low, tight, dark crawl. Hoarder’s Hell was all about smoky room full of trash and debris.
Last but not the  least was Fearless Finish with the open flame. And at the end it’s all that stands between you and that finish line.
“The miracle isn’t that we finished. The miracle is that we had the courage to start”. Overall it was a fun chasing the obstacles with a huge team. Hat’s off  to Ankita and Tanu for finishing the obstacles in close to 120 minutes. Great job!!
After the race was over we all went to a nepali restaurant. Everyone was exhausted, thirsty and hungry. Having a BYOB option at this restaurant helped us to  survive and  obviously chilled booze, tasty food was a big relief for everyone.
Looking back, sometimes life seems like  obstacle race but Obstacles cannot crush you. One can ride on over all the Obstacles..
Blogger: Akhil Jain
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The Swashbucklers: Tanu, Ankita, Rishi, Vipul, Shishir, Abhijit, Akhil, Prashant, Rahul, Bhanu, Mayuresh, Hasnain, Rashida, Sonal, Sonam and Shreya